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Strategic Guidance for Digital Success

Partner with iLeapGroup to navigate the digital landscape effectively, ensuring your organization remains competitive and optimized. Our approach includes strategic planning and execution, along with customized program management, leading to improved customer experiences.


How We Can Help Your Organization Succeed


Comprehensive IT Consulting Services


Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs


Industry-Leading Partnerships


Expert Guidance and Support



Demolish the digital divide by delivering technological equity to undeserved communities, institutions and businesses



Our mission is unambiguous: We strive to Demolish the Digital divide, advocate for technological equity, and envision a world where stable, high-speed internet access is a universal resource not a luxury.  

Digital Underrepresentation

Digital underrepresentation in Higher Education and Small and Medium-sized Companies (SMCs). Addressing digital underrepresentation involves not only providing the necessary tools and infrastructure but also ensuring that individuals have the skills and support needed to effectively use these technologies. This is crucial for staying relevant and competitive in today's increasingly digital world. 

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Engage with our targeted polls - feel free to select any that resonate with you, or dive into all three for a comprehensive insight exchange! We greatly value your feedback.

Students Typing at Their Computers

Our offerings include

Strategic IT Consulting

Collaborating closely with our clients, we develop and execute digital strategies tailored to their specific needs. This includes analyzing their current digital footprint and deploying targeted solutions to enhance digital literacy, integration, and efficiency. 

Comprehensive Cloud Services

We offer end-to-end cloud solutions, including infrastructure setup, migration, and ongoing management. These services enable seamless digital experiences, enhance data accessibility, and reduce IT overheads, aiding both educators and small businesses in effective digital resource management.

CyberSecurity Framework Full Solution

Assessment, Insurance readiness, BCDR, Staff and Governance. We provide robust cybersecurity solutions, focusing on risk assessments, the implementation of advanced security technologies, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations

AI-Driven Efficiency and Automation

Leveraging AI technology, we transform operational processes in education and SMCs. Our solutions enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and support data-driven decision-making, which is vital for optimizing resources and modernizing administrative and educational processes. 

Official Partner with Industry Leaders

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Hear It from Our Clients

I reported directly to Shirelle for a little over a year, was her PC on a very large multi site project. Her work ethic, her passion and energy is second to none. Shirelle would walk into any meeting and just take over, watching her work her magic was a spectacle. She was always well prepared and well spoken. She would mentor and guide me on what next to do in my career. More than a supervisor she was a friend first, someone who really took interest in developing everyone around her's skills. She would always put her work before herself and be working into late hours of the day and even on weekends. I am glad I got to spent a year working under her, she is a rock star and is the ideal mentor/role model for young PC's like myself. 

Haris G 

Image by Chris Montgomery
iLeapGroup Monthly Webinar Series:
Empowering Innovation-
Mastering Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, and Sustainability in Education and Business 

Join iLeapGroup's innovative webinar series, In 25 minutes! Engage directly with industry experts, or choose to receive the on-demand version to view at your convenience. Whether live or on-demand, gain invaluable insights on digital transformation, cybersecurity, and sustainable practices in IT. Each session is designed to provide expert insights on digital transformation, cybersecurity, and AI-driven tools, complete with real-world case studies and opportunities to connect with top professionals Secure your spot today and empower your journey with actionable knowledge and strategies!

Some of our webinar topics:

  1. Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges: Learn best practices for data protection and regulatory compliance.

  2. Scalable Digital Transformation: Strategies for tech adoption that grows with your business.

  3. Cybersecurity for SMEs: Risk mitigation tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  4. Sustainability and Green IT: Implementing eco-friendly practices in IT for higher education.

Register now to transform and accelerate with iLeapGroup — embark on your journey to digital mastery!​

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